What You Need to Know About Podcast Sponsorships

What You Need to Know About Podcast Sponsorshipsjpg

Podcasts have been gaining popularity over the last few years with regular listeners tuning in to about seven shows each week, as reported by Martech Zone. The number of podcasts people listen to each day has steadily increased by 40 percent since 2017 with growth expected to continue in the coming years.

With this rise in popularity, marketers can reach engaged, highly targeted audiences through podcast sponsorships. According to Strategy+Business, podcast advertising revenues reached the $650 million mark globally in 2018, and that figure is expected to increase as more people tune in to their favorite shows. You can tap into this growing channel to build awareness, establish authority and drive traffic to your website or store. To help you get started, here’s what you need to know about podcast sponsorships.

Audience is Key

Podcasts tend to attract a niche audience with very specific interests. The podcast content speaks to those interests, creating a loyal following. To have the greatest impact on listeners, your brand and ad content should align with the podcast topic or theme and resonate with your target audience. In this way, you will reach the right people with relevant ads, increasing your impact and return on investment.

Different Ad Types are Available

With podcast sponsorships, you can run one of two different ad types. The pre-roll ad runs at the beginning of the show with a simple mention of your brand and tagline. The mid-roll advertisement, on the other hand, runs in the middle of the podcast and sounds more like an anecdote from the host. While the pre-roll ad only takes a few seconds to run, the mid-roll ad provides much more exposure at 60 seconds long, on average. Running both of these ad types can help improve your reach and optimize the frequency of your ads.

Listenership Determines Value

You can determine the value of the podcast sponsorship by looking at listenership figures. Assess the download rates for each episode to see how many people are tuning in on a regular basis. Check for listener engagement by looking at the social media channels and reviews for the podcasts. When you evaluate listenership, you can decide if the podcast has the following and engagement needed to help you reach your marketing goals.

Additional Offers Abound

Podcast sponsorships can come with much more than just on-air brand mentions and advertisements. The podcast showrunners can also promote your brand on their website and social media channels. They will also likely mention your ads in newsletters and show notes, which can generate even more traffic and engagement for your brand. And as their sponsor, you may even have your logo prominently displayed across their website and other marketing materials.

Embracing the Value of Podcast Sponsorships for Your Company

Through a well-aligned podcast sponsorship, you can spread word about your company and promote loyalty to your brand. As you look for the right opportunity, keep the information above in mind to get the most value from your sponsorship. By focusing on these areas, you can develop a winning podcast advertising strategy and run the ads that will help you reach your marketing goals.

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