How to Use Radio and Digital to Find the Perfect Candidate for Your Job Posting

How to Use Radio and Digital to Find the Perfect Candidate for Your Job Posting

Finding the best candidate to fill your job opening requires innovation and an outside-the-box approach. With an unemployment rate that has dropped down to 4 percent, it is a candidate-driven job market. To recruit the top candidates brands must expand their recruitment marketing strategy.

Using radio and digital for recruiting offers powerful tools like geofencing, retargeting, influencer marketing, and social media – all of which can help you build your reputation and brand awareness with job seekers. You will have the chance to capture the attention of your top candidates, showing them clearly why working for you is such an incredible opportunity.

To reach the full potential of your radio and digital search for candidates, you need to prepare yourself to take advantage of all that these platforms have to offer.

Reach local qualified candidates

Location is key when finding the best candidates for your job posting. Considering that 93 percent of U.S. adults ages 18 years and older listen to the radio every week, promoting your openings on the radio is an excellent way to get started. You can place targeted ads on the most popular local stations for your selected demographic.

To enhance the impact of your radio ads, you can then pair the promotions with geofencing. With geofencing, people who enter specific geographic areas – such as a particular radius around your business – receive a targeted message informing them about your open position. Together local radio and geofencing can help you find the right candidate in the right area.

Increase exposure and engagement

Qualified candidates generally need to see your recruitment ad more than once before they take the next step of researching your company or applying for a new role.

Radio ads and retargeting can get you the attention you need. Retargeting involves creating ads specifically geared towards those who have engaged with you before. For example, if they clicked on an ad about your job posting but never followed through with an application, you can reach out to them with a specific ad that invites them to come apply. You can also retarget those who may have heard your ad on the local radio station. This all increases ad frequency, boosting the chances they will submit an application.

Leverage influencers

Social influencers are people, not brands, that have amassed large followings because of their ideas and expertise in a particular niche. Since they are seen as peers, their followers trust their recommendations regarding organizations and products within their area of expertise.

You can find these influencers on a number of different mediums, such as radio and social media. On-air personalities can often extend their influence beyond radio and engage with listeners on social media, in the community, at live events and other channels.

Although people often think of influencers in terms of their ability to sell products, they can also influence brand reputation. They can let people know about your company culture and the values that you want to promote. When this is paired with an announcement about job openings, the available position will seem that much more intriguing to potential candidates.

Tap into social media

An estimated 77 percent of Americans today have at least one social media platform, making these sites an effective way to reach a significant percentage of your targeted job seeker’s demographic. Additionally, nearly half (48 percent) of all job candidates report using social media to find their most recent job.

Job seekers, like customers, appreciate the personal nature of social media. That explains why 59 percent of candidates use social media to research companies that interest them. Use social media to build your brand reputation and connect with your target audience, including your demographic of job seekers. Display a company culture that might entice people and motivate them to learn more about your brand. As you build your social following, you can post and promote job openings.

To bring in the right candidate for your next open position, using a multichannel approach that incorporates digital and radio solutions will be just the recipe you need. The team at Hubbard Chicago can help you build a media plan that will drive your recruitment efforts and bring you the candidates your business needs to thrive.

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