What’s the Difference between Event Sponsorship and Advertising

What's the Difference between Event Sponsorship and Advertising
The Chicago Auto Show is the largest consumer automotive event in North America. This is the holy grail of targeted advertising for any business even obliquely associated with vehicles. Sponsors of a recent show included State Farm Insurance, Cooper Tires, Cars.com, and Turtle Wax. Advertisers included well-known automakers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan.

But what is the difference between sponsoring the Chicago Auto Show and advertising at the Chicago Auto Show?

Though there are similarities, sponsorship and advertising are quite different agreements. An advertising relationship is a short-term relationship where a company pays for specific ad placement, such as an ad placed at a particular event. Sponsorship indicates an ongoing relationship, where the sponsor’s brand becomes synonymous with the event.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is transactional. The company seeking visibility is only purchasing ad inventory. They have likely purchased ads on multiple mediums and channels. If they are successful, the advertiser will likely purchase again. If not, they’ll spend those ad dollars somewhere that will bring a higher ROI.

An advertisement is a paid promotional message that seeks to elevate consumer awareness about the brand or specific products to increase sales. The advertiser dictates the medium, channel, and messaging.

What Is Event Sponsorship?

Event sponsorship differs from advertising in that a long term relationship exists between the event and the brand. When a company signs on to sponsor an event, they provide financial backing with the benefit of elevating their brand. The sponsored group agrees to give the sponsor a specified amount of ads with highlighted brand placement.

Can Event Sponsors Advertise?

Not only do event sponsors get to advertise, but their ad placement is often more prominent than other advertisers.

By sponsoring an NFL team, your logo can be placed near their logo on banners, programs, television ads, and other highly visible areas where the team’s emblems are used.

An event advertiser doesn’t have that option. Sponsorship allows your brand to be instantly recognizable and looked upon favorably by fans of the event.

How Is Event Sponsorship Different From Event Advertising?

Unlike event advertising, sponsorship is a long-term relationship between the sponsoring company and the event organizers. While both are effective, sponsorship ties the brand to an experience and emotion more than advertising does.

Event Sponsorship Is a Strategy That Incorporates Advertising

You don’t have to choose between sponsorship and advertising. Frequently, sponsorship packages include advertising for the sponsor. Event sponsorship allows you to reach new audiences, increase your brand recognition, improve your image, optimize your spend, and align your values with that of another successful organization that shares the same values.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, trust the account executives at Hubbard Chicago. As experts in event sponsorship, we can help you find the perfect event that aligns with your brand.

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