Why Pair Radio Advertising with Social Media?

Radio creates a valuable opportunity to deliver a powerful message to the target audience. One of the key advantages of radio over any digital channel is its ability to reach the target audience while it can’t access digital mediums. For example, radio ads can play while prospects are driving or at the beauty salon.

While radio advertising can yield impressive results on its own, pairing it with other channels can boost the efficiency tremendously. Social media and radio create a powerful tandem to multiply the available touchpoints, extend the reach, implement retargeting tactics, and increase the ROI of your campaign.

Multiplying Touchpoints

The importance of having multiple touchpoints during the sales process is integral to its success. The 21st-century client expects to interact with providers across numerous channels.

The typical buyer’s journey isn’t linear anymore. Consumers may need to connect with the brand several times offline and online before completing a purchase.

Since consumers are regularly bombarded with ads, their attention is dispersed and often diverted at the most unexpected moment. By contacting them across multiple points, you help customers stay on track and complete the journey with your brand.

  • Radio ads and social media marketing complement each other in many ways:
  • Radio ad creates a brand awareness moment, asking the listener to learn more on the social media page.
  • Radio ads reinforce the consumer’s involvement with the brand by becoming an extension of social media ads.
  • By showing your expertise both on radio and social media, you are giving your credibility an extra boost.
  • Social media can promote contests you run on the radio and vice versa.
  • Radio listeners can be directed to answer questions on your social media page, leading to closer interactions and information sharing.
  • Radio gives you an opportunity to target social media ads based on listening trends and important psychographics.

Your social media pages are always available for the potential customer to make contact. However, the target audience is often tough to reach even with advanced targeting options. Meanwhile, a radio ad is almost impossible to miss when listening to a certain radio station.

These two channels complement each other perfectly. Radio offers a wide and easy outreach. Social media creates a 24/7 opportunity for contact and further conversion efforts.

Extending Reach

About 270 million Americans listen to the radio every week. More than 170 million American adults use Facebook daily. By using both channels, you are likely to cover your entire target audience at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Additionally, you can extend your reach to other potential customers. Every time a radio listener follows the CTA (call to action) to interact with a social media page, some of their contacts will be exposed to your marketing campaign as well.

By pairing radio advertising with social media, you are giving your target audience a choice of how to interact with your business. Some of your potential clients don’t listen to the radio while others don’t use social media enough to notice your ad campaign.

Together these mediums manage to reach as many potential clients as possible.

Retargeting Opportunities

The increasing competition across numerous industries can devalue your marketing efforts. You could be working hard to educate the potential customer about the benefits of your services only to have them use this information to buy elsewhere.

In order to reap the benefits of your own campaign, you need retargeting.

How it Works

Social media ads lead to landing pages that attach targeting pixels to visitors. These visitors then start seeing your ads virtually everywhere they go. This drives your potential buyers to learn more about your product instead of the competition.

Targeting pixels help you create multiple touchpoints, from landing pages to social media and paid search ads. Retargeting ads can appear in social media ads, display ads, and paid search.

Brand Awareness

When your brand keeps coming up across different channels, including organic search, social media ads, and radio ads, it gains credibility in the eyes of the consumer. Besides leading the prospect through the buyer’s journey, retargeting boosts brand awareness.

Instead of trying to communicate a long URL in the radio ad, all you have to do is share a handle or a hashtag.

The Perfect Pair

Social media creates a perfect connection between traditional and digital marketing. By pairing social media marketing and radio advertising, you are bringing two halves of a powerful marketing campaign together.

Social media lets you achieve what radio marketing can’t while radio ads work beyond social media’s reach. Supporting this creative tandem allows you to increase the radio advertising ROI while tweaking your entire marketing campaign.

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