Hubbard Chicago Introduces New Virtual Remote Event

Hubbard Chicago Introduces New Virtual Remote Event

Traditional events generate buzz and energy, which is hard to copy in the online environment. Lockdowns and social distancing have made offline brand awareness a challenge for companies around the world. That’s why virtual events are gaining momentum.

Hubbard Chicago is excited to launch two-hour virtual remote events that both promote brands and attract listeners while complying with all the pandemic-related restrictions.

What is a Virtual Remote Event?

Hubbard Chicago is combining a virtual brand awareness campaign with an on-site promotion that follows all the social distancing rules. This one to two week promotional campaign includes a multi-platform awareness effort coupled with on-site presence.

Such hybrid approach is an entirely new way to raise brand awareness with the social distancing rules in place. Its uniqueness has the potential to put you ahead of the competition.

Promotion through Facebook

The campaign will revolve around attracting the audience to your website and brick-and-mortar location. A Facebook live event hosted by an on-air personality will last for two hours. In the beginning, your brand representative will give a 60-second virtual interview to inject personality in the event.

The rest of the program will include games, text-to-win contests, and giveaways to attract as many listeners as possible. This format will provide endless product and service promotion possibilities.

On-Site Promotion

While many companies are taking advantage of virtual promotions, Hubbard Chicago takes a step further and merges it with an on-site campaign.

A branded radio station vehicle will park in front of your brick-and-mortar location to attract the passerby, conduct remote live interviews with your representatives, and share promo items without establishing direct physical contact with the target audience or your employees.

How Is Your Brand Promoted Before the Event?

Hubbard Chicago will be launching an all-encompassing promotional campaign to ensure high participation in the virtual event.

  • Radio stations’ website — fans that come to the radio station’s website will be exposed to your event’s promotional campaign. They will see the event listing with your brand’s logo and a link to your website. This can attract the target audience, which you haven’t been able to reach before.
  • 15 live/recorded on-air promos — the radio station will promote your upcoming event during and in-between shows to ensure high attendance. They will record high-quality ads aimed at both the station’s fans and your target audience.
  • Social media posts — the radio stations will advertise your event on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Special social media posts will be going live several days before the event.
  • Paid social impressions — the event will also be promoted through paid social media advertising. This effort can reach 200,000 viewers and listeners. Each paid ad is specifically designed to target visitors with the highest buying potential.
  • Newsletter — when a radio station sends out its regular newsletter, it will include a link to the event page as well as your brand’s name and logo. This can boost attendance from the radio stations’ most dedicated fans.

All radio stations will be launching broad promotional campaigns to ensure the highest attendance rate. The uniqueness of such hybrid setups will be stressed during all phases of the event preparation.

How is Your Brand Promoted during the Event?

Before the event, you will speak with the radio station’s marketing team to discuss which content to air during the Facebook Live Event. This strategy session allows both parties to contribute to the event’s optimization and brand awareness efforts.

A Sophisticated Format

The event starts with a 60-second interview with your brand representative and goes on to contests, giveaways, and other promotional actions. During the entire event, your brand’s name and logo will appear on the bottom part of the screen so each viewer gets an opportunity to visit your website simply by clicking.

The Facebook Live event will last for two hours. During that time, you can potentially convert thousands of potential clients. At the same time, the socially distant road crew attracts onsite foot traffic and gives out prizes for the text-to-win contest.

A Distinctive Approach to Promotional Events

Since participation in traditional events is currently off-limits for the majority of your target audience, taking advantage of virtual remote events can boost your brand awareness efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic made virtual events highly popular. To stand out from the crowd, you need a unique approach.

Hubbard Chicago’s turnkey 360° promotion allows your target audience to learn about the event. The distinctive hybrid format makes the event highly appealing to consumers, who can’t wait for their lives to “get back to normal.” By implementing on-site promotion with social distancing provisions, Hubbard Chicago combines traditional tactics with the new norms.

We take care of all event promotional work related to your upcoming virtual remote event, from planning advertising tactics and implementing a paid social media marketing campaign to onsite promotion.

Our remote virtual events give you a competitive advantage since the majority of brands don’t explore (or even know about) this hybrid event opportunity during the pandemic. Consider taking advantage of this unique approach before the tactic becomes common knowledge.

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