3 Ways to Grow Your Online Presence with Radio Advertising

Most of us can’t argue the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy that reaches across different devices and platforms. Cross-channel marketing is critical to almost every type of business in today’s world. Like many other marketers, driving traffic and leads through your website might be one of your primary goals, and this article will address how radio advertising can be effectively put to use to do that (and more).

1. Tell them where to find you.

Your website may be the first interaction a potential customer has with your brand. To increase traffic to your website, help people know where to find you online through your radio advertising. This might seem obvious but repeating your URL is key. We suggest you use it in a clear call-to-action and don’t bury it in a long-winded message—be direct about what customers can find on your website, and repeat the URL you want them to visit, so it sticks.

2. Promote exclusive content you have available only online.

You can also drive people to your website and online content by sharing exclusive information on your digital channels, and promoting it via radio. For instance, a company that uses geo-targeted mobile alerts to inform consumers of specific notifications could use radio ads to promote this feature.

3. Make promotions, coupons, and special offers available online only.

Hosting special offers on your website, which you then promote through your radio advertising and social media channels, is another great way to drive traffic to your website. This could be a discount on a special product or a free gift to everyone who uses a promo code specific to that radio or social media ad when they buy something on your website. Not only will you create interaction via social media, but you’ll ensure people are listening for your radio spot and visiting your website. Using tracking tools like promo codes allows you to keep tabs on the effectiveness of your radio and social ads.

Another great way of doing this is including social media in that mix—which is oftentimes an extension of your website. Digital contests hosted on your social channels can be promoted via radio and are a fun way to grow your following, collect leads, increase engagement, and build brand affinity.

For example, a company could host a vacation giveaway and collect lead information while also growing their following and engagement on their social pages. At the same time, radio ads could be used to promote the giveaway to a broader audience than the company’s social channels currently reach. 

Utilizing radio to drive your website’s traffic and leads, and grow your overall online presence, can be effective and simple. Take advantage of the loyal and targeted audience that radio stations can deliver, and be sure your messaging is tied into your goals.

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