Framing Your Value through Audio Ads

Companies today must reach people throughout their customer journey via multiple channels. Only consistent marketing efforts will yield predictable results in gently “nudging” prospects through the sales funnel and ultimately towards a purchase with the brand.
Audio and digital ads are critical components in many marketing strategies. They can guide prospects from the earliest stages of awareness of a company’s solutions to the point they finally decide whether to purchase. By framing your organization’s value through audio and digital ads, you’ll be in a prime position to interest, educate, and motivate your customers in a way that boosts your bottom line.

How Audio and Digital Guide Customers

Audio and digital channels work well by themselves, but their effectiveness can increase exponentially when deployed in tandem. Some of the ways that these two mediums work well together include the following:

Establishing Initial Brand Awareness

Audio ads are very efficient in helping people learn about your brand. Millions of people still listen to traditional radio regularly, with many tuning in multiple times over the course of a week (such as commuters to and from work). Millions more are avid fans of online streaming or podcasts. Leveraging radio and online audio ads will introduce many consumers to your brand and provide a critical opportunity to evoke emotion in your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Developing Interest Through Further Interaction

Familiarizing your consumer base with your brand is the first step in leading them through their customer journey. It’s also imperative to cultivate their interest through continuous marketing interaction. Digital ads (including digital audio) can help you reach customers who will most likely pay attention to your message. For example, strategically placed ads can encourage users (and listeners) to visit or click through to your website, thus furthering their progress through the sales funnel.

Piquing Consideration with Ad Personalization

Tailoring your message to each consumer’s interests and preferences is crucial to effective marketing nowadays. Audio and digital ads also allow for a wide range of personalization. Through careful strategy and awareness of your core demographic’s makeup, you can deploy ads that will provide a better overall customer experience for each subset you’re targeting.
Whether it’s programmatic advertising, tactically placed ads on selected podcasts, or radio spots known to be popular among specific audience segments, there are countless opportunities for delivering impactful, personalized marketing interactions via audio.

Encouraging Purchase by Shaping Brand Identity

Audio and digital ads can also play a pivotal role in shaping your brand identity and bolstering your organization’s credibility among consumers.
Brand identity refers to the way customers perceive your brand. With that in mind, consider how successful corporate giants have positioned themselves through their marketing materials. For instance, in the auto insurance industry, GEICO has leaned into a unique value proposition of competitive pricing (“save 15% or more by switching to GEICO”). Meanwhile, Allstate’s message focuses on the peace of mind customers will gain from choosing them (“Are you in good hands?”).
You can emulate these organizations by encapsulating your brand value in a relevant and impactful tagline or slogan. Then, deliver and expand upon that slogan through your marketing channels — including audio and digital. As you consistently deliver the same basic message to your consumer base (and follow through on any promise you make to customers), you’ll become more trustworthy in the eyes of your audience. Many consumers will think of your brand first when weighing solutions to a specific problem.  Ultimately, people will be more likely to buy from you.

Leave Lasting Positive Impressions with Digital and Audio

Even after a customer finally purchases from your business, digital and audio ads can improve loyalty to your brand. Real-life experiences will support the emotions they’ll evoke. At least some satisfied customers will become brand advocates for your company, encouraging friends and family members to consider your offerings.
There are several compelling reasons to frame your value through audio and digital ads. Investing in such a strategy will set your business up for sustainable success for years to come.

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