Measuring the Success of Your Audio and Digital Ads

Measuring KPIs for audio and digital ads

Cohesively combining marketing strategies helps you reach your audience further by increasing the chances of catching their attention by catering to their different focus areas. Audio and digital advertising work particularly well together, benefiting your business by connecting with audiences who might not find you through other channels. Harnessing the power of both these mediums can maximize your reach, increase engagement with your brand, and drive more sales. However, you must be able to effectively measure the success of your campaigns to determine whether they’re meeting your goals.
In this post, we’ll review the various metrics companies use to measure their success and how they can help your audio and digital ads reach further.

Determining Audio and Digital Success

Multiple metrics are available to measure campaign success – and your first task will be to figure out the ones that best represent your audience. The specific metrics will depend on the broader marketing goals you have in place. For example, your starting goal could be to boost ad reach and brand awareness, which then shifts to increase web traffic to your site with higher click-through rates.
Depending on your individual goals, here are some key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that can help you gauge success.

Website Traffic

One of the primary indicators of ad success is increased website traffic, especially to dedicated landing pages connected with your ads. After launching your audio or digital campaign, monitor traffic for all dedicated landing pages and see if they generate more traffic over time. Dedicated landing pages to links mentioned in audio ads or sponsored sites tell you how effective they are by showing how many people were compelled to visit them from the audio ad. A general increase in your web traffic could also be due to the ad from people who search for your brand online or visit your main website without using the dedicated link.
If needed, ensure your ads more closely match the content you’re directing users to after they click, which will keep people exploring your site beyond that landing page. Make it easy for people to see everything your site offers so they can find the information and products that suit them.

Social Media Engagement

Social media helps you measure campaign success by indicating engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares that indicate people’s active interest in your content. If your posts and ads are getting a lot of engagement, this is a good sign that you’re connecting with your desired audience at the times they’re browsing their preferred platforms. Conversely, if you’re seeing minimal engagement, you might want to target different audiences or a different platform altogether—find out when and where your audiences spend their time browsing social media.
Each social media channel has specific norms that you must style your ads to match. Instagram has a specified aspect ratio for its photos, whereas TikTok uses vertical video in short lengths. Ensuring your presence adheres to these goes a long way toward creating marketing that resonates with your audience. Low engagement could indicate that your marketing is off in one of these factors, and taking the effort to determine which can show significant improvement.

Increased Clicks on Digital Ads

Watch for increased clicks on your digital ads, which you could very well see after launching effective audio ads. One of the keys to building credibility through ads is to connect with audiences via radio, podcasts, and other audio platforms with a loyal following. Supplementing audio ads with digital campaigns that resonate with audiences makes it more likely to draw more clicks on your digital ads as you gain people’s trust because they’re more likely to see these display ads as legitimate. Ultimately, combining digital and audio together will keep your business front and center while encouraging people to learn more.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate measures the number of people performing a desired action after viewing your ads. These actions could include signing up for an email newsletter, contacting your company, downloading free eBooks or other content, or purchasing. If you’re seeing a surge in your conversion rate, this is another potential indicator of a successful digital and audio ad campaign.

Brand Awareness

Measuring brand awareness through metrics alone can be challenging, especially with ad impressions that don’t guarantee people are seeing your content. One way to measure brand awareness is to conduct audience surveys that measure brand recognition and recall before and after your campaigns. The responses you gather could help you determine if your campaigns are working the way they should.

You can greatly boost brand awareness by creating audio and digital ads that match your company branding and messaging. Doing so will keep things consistent across all channels as people come to know you.

Feedback and Reviews

Ask for feedback and encourage customer reviews, as these responses can give you meaningful qualitative insights into campaign success. After customers receive their orders or otherwise do business with you, you can include a link or send an email, text, or another message kindly asking for their feedback. Make sure you ask the right questions to get the most helpful responses.

General Increases in Trends

Another sign that your ads are working is if you see an increase in organic clicks, web traffic, and sales over general metrics. Even if you’re not seeing increases elsewhere, a boost in these three key metrics indicates successful ad campaigns. More engagement extending beyond your ads, including conversions and sales, will show that your ads are doing their job.
Marketing and advertising supplements and facilitates your business’s growth. If trends show positive change, chances are your ads are working even if your KPIs aren’t effectively measuring them. While this is a good sign, it’s beneficial to adjust which KPIs you use as measurement so you can gain more insight into your audience and continue to develop successful ads.

Achieve Real Success with the Help of a Media Partner

Developing and managing audio and digital ad campaigns can drive long-term success, but you need to have the time and resources to handle them. If you need help building ad campaigns and tracking success, you can work with a media partner to get the best results.

An experienced media partner like Hubbard Chicago will give you access to relevant channels and the capability to create high-quality ads, ensuring you can reach your audiences and achieve your business goals.

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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