Got Billboards? You Need Radio, Too!

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“I’m already doing billboards. What else could I possibly need to do?”

Have you had this thought before? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies think that having billboards alone is plenty of marketing effort. Billboard advertising can come with many benefits, like high visibility. Plus, according to one study, billboards are one of the more trusted advertising tactics. While these benefits are great, billboards should be where your advertising efforts start — not where they end.

If you stop at having billboards, you could be missing out on an even greater marketing opportunity that pairs perfectly with what you’re already doing: radio advertising. Radio ads and billboards are one of the most effective marketing tactics to mix, and for good reason! In this article we’ll explore three reasons to pair radio with your billboard ads.

3 Reasons to Add Radio to Your Billboard Advertising


1. Radio is Portable

One drawback to having a billboard is that you have to rely on catching your target audience’s attention in a split second. And, if they’re not a passenger in the car, they are likely looking paying attention to traffic, cars passing by, their GPS, their passengers, or any other number of distractions. In contrast, radio is an active part of the driving experience. Even when you’re riding with friends, drinking your coffee, or focusing on the road you can still sing along to your favorite songs and tune into your favorite morning show.

Plus, radio is the only truly portable medium. Consumers can listen to the radio wherever they go, including on the long commute to and from work, while out enjoying a walk, exercising, working in the yard, and all throughout the day.

With billboard and radio together, you can be in your prospects’ view and in their ear while in the car — increasing your overall frequency.

2. Radio is Trusted 

One of the greatest benefits of radio advertising is the trust that comes with it. In the same MarketingSherpa study mentioned early in this article, radio ranks even higher than billboards. When you utilize radio advertising (especially in a market like Chicago), you build on the trust you’re establishing with your billboards by tapping into the trust and credibility of the popular radio stations in your market.

Another benefit is that radio personalities add another layer of trust that is very unique to this medium. When you have well known radio personalities to endorse your product, or even just be connected indirectly to your product through ads, your audience is more likely to trust your message, product, and brand.

3. Radio Can Tell the Full Story

You can really only share a short message with a billboard in the few seconds that your target audience flies by in their car. While this is great for branding and directional needs, your marketing isn’t complete without positioning, educating, using emotion, and telling your buyer’s story.

These are the things that radio is known for because you can tell a vivid story through sound bites. Imagery on billboards and storytelling capabilities of radio ads work perfectly together to give your audience a comprehensive view of your business, and they both support your digital efforts, too.

Billboard advertising still has an important role in a marketing mix for many businesses. However, this should not be the only tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Radio can improve results as part of any integrated campaign. And, specifically with billboards in mind, it can boost trust even more, tell the full story, and reach customers where billboards can’t.

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