How Combining Audio and Digital Ads Reaches Customers at All Levels

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These days, consumers have more choices than ever before. From when they wake up to when they fall asleep at night, they get bombarded by marketing messages of all types. Reaching your audience with an ad does not guarantee that it had an impact on them – nor that it would grow sales. Forward-thinking businesses must think about connecting with consumers at every stage of the customer journey and develop marketing that will resonate with them. Combining powerful, customized audio with digital ads can help your business make a powerful impression on your target audience, increase brand loyalty, and increase sales.

In this post, we’ll discuss the value of combining audio and digital ads and offer advice for doing so effectively to empower your business to forge long-lasting customer connections.

How Audio And Digital Guide Customers

Good audio messages can cut through the noise to reach customers where they are in their lives. While audio is powerful, it has even more potency when combined with digital advertising. Digital methods, including social media marketing, email marketing, and website optimization, can be endlessly customized to create a substantial advertising strategy.
Coordinating marketing messaging across these channels, based on when and how they interact with each ad, lets you control the flow in which customers learn about your brand. Doing this helps you guide customers through each stage of their buyer journey, from the first time they hear about your business to when they fill out a feedback form after purchase.

Establishes Initial Brand Awareness

According to survey data from Edison Research, the share of the public listening to online audio has slightly increased in recent years, with 82% of Americans ages 12 and older listening to terrestrial radio in a given week. Many Americans get their news and entertainment from the radio, listening during their morning and evening commutes and throughout the day. Audio ads are one of the most efficient ways of helping listeners learn about your brand, whether those listeners are hearing about you online or through their car radio.

The rise of digital audio increases audio effectiveness by helping you reach customers at more flexible schedules when they focus their attention on what they’re listening to.

Develops Interest Through Further Interactions

Digital marketing presents numerous opportunities to connect with potential customers – especially after their encounters with your audio ads. Audio ads increase brand awareness (as well as credibility and trustworthiness), making them more likely to notice your digital ads through name recognition and click on them because they know they’re trustworthy.
Presenting an array of digital ads to customers establishes further interactions by catching their attention on an ongoing basis. Whether customers find your brand when in immediate need of your products or are not ready to buy yet, these ads hold their attention and give them multiple opportunities to make their way to your website.

Piques Consideration With Ad Personalization

Consumers demand personalization and want to be recognized as individuals by the businesses reaching out to them. When you personalize your ads, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with future buyers. Both audio and digital ads allow for ad personalization by specifying ads per demographic or platform. The insight gained from demographic information helps you learn about your customer interests, which you can use to shape ads or segment ads accordingly.
That provides a better overall customer experience and increases your chances of growing revenue. Audio, in particular, is a highly personal medium where listeners completely tune into what they hear, giving you a unique opportunity to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for your audience.

Encourages Purchase by Shaping Brand Identity

One of the best things about audio advertising is that it can shape your brand identity through bespoke messages, sound effects, and testimonials. When consumers hear audio messages about your brand, it creates awareness and establishes you as an expert.
After a listener deems you credible by discovering you through various audio ads, you’ll be more likely to be recognized in your online ads. For instance, someone could hear your audio ad several times a week while going through their daily routine or commuting to and from work. Later that week, that same listener could see one of your online ads for a different product and decide to purchase because they trust your brand as a credible, local expert and became newly aware of your other offerings.

Leave Lasting Positive Impressions

By building brand loyalty, you’ll get customers who opt to buy from you in the future and recommend you to family and friends. Even after purchase, well-crafted, thoughtful digital and audio ads improve loyalty and help create brand advocates. When you make people feel, think, and act, you’ll have made a powerful impression in their lives, one that your customers won’t easily forget.
Marketing messaging can double as a reminder for past customers about your quality and services. Once you’ve earned someone’s business initially, it’s easier to earn their business again. These customers are worth your ongoing attention, as increasing customer retention has a better ROI for your business.

Build Your Brand And Drive Growth With Digital and Audio

Every stage of the customer journey is an important one. Aim to inspire your customers with the right messages, harnessing the power of audio and digital ads, and you’ll soon reap the rewards. Launching a coordinated ad strategy can be a challenge to learn entirely independently. However, working with an experienced media partner can help you grow your business without taxing your internal team.
If you want to take your business to the next level and get assistance crafting a solid brand strategy, Hubbard Chicago can help. Contact us to learn more about our full suite of marketing services!

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