How to Revamp Auto Dealership Ads Ahead of Expected Inventory

How to Revamp Auto Dealership Ads Ahead of Expected Inventory

The pandemic era has resulted in unprecedented supply chain issues in most of our experiences. Getting finished goods to consumers is a challenge, complicated by everything from component shortages to staffing problems to shipping issues. Inventory and stock fluctuations have left business owners and consumers alike wondering when things will return to normal. While every industry has experienced similar problems, auto dealerships have gone through particularly tumultuous swings.
Despite the unpredictable supply of pre-owned and new vehicles, consumers want to know what is available and what is coming. The situation presents a unique advertising challenge for dealerships. Do they adjust ad frequency based on supply or create new auto dealership ads to increase interest and demand when expecting new inventory? This post will help answer those questions along with advertising tips for when stock is on the way.

Increase Ad Frequency to Reach More Customers

The goal of auto dealerships during this time is to keep customer interest and satisfaction high while supply is inconsistent. That means you can’t completely ignore your marketing plans, though you may need to adjust your strategy throughout this period. You want to sell what you have and accumulate leads for the vehicles still on their way. The simplest way to do this is to increase your dealership’s audio or digital ad frequency one to two weeks ahead of new inventory arrival to drum up interest. Even if you’re not expecting new inventory, continuing ongoing campaigns to increase brand awareness and keep your brand top of mind for your customers will prepare people to pay attention when you launch new ads. Awareness ads are a great way to keep interest high by priming customers. You can capture their attention with awareness ads, then follow up with more targeted ads.
Branching beyond ads solely about new inventory puts variety into your campaign, making your marketing more memorable in regular campaigns, let alone when you need to manage this tricky situation. Doing so helps in multiple ways. First, it makes local residents aware of your dealership and piques their interest. Second, it can remind customers that even though inventory is low, new stock is imminent. Third, it lets you deliver your value proposition, such as complimentary snacks while waiting on service, special perks for returning customers, or concierge services.

Include a Promotion with Your New Inventory

When dealing with the unpredictability of new inventory, how do you keep your customers engaged and attract new ones when the time comes to sell? The key is increasing demand by setting yourself apart from the pack, especially when multiple dealerships get new inventory simultaneously. Customers at all price levels want to feel appreciated, so leverage that by offering loyalty perks before the inventory arrives. It doesn’t have to be a price drop, but it could be as simple as offering free cleanings or extra accessories.
Local radio is an excellent way to advertise your promotions. Structure your campaign to air ads at set times before getting your new inventory to pique local interest in your auto dealership. You can start with awareness of the dealership, create interest for the upcoming delivery by announcing the particular promotion, then transition to announcing the arrival of the new vehicles.
For instance, you may have the local radio influencer start discussing their experience with your dealership and how excited they are that your dealership will get its next delivery soon. The host could follow up over the days leading up to the expected arrival with a special offer for their patient and loyal customers. When the new stock is available, the ads could talk about what is on the lot.

Use Dynamic Digital Ads

It isn’t just the frequency that determines an effective campaign. The type of ads matters, as well. Dynamic digital ads can provide dealerships with significant benefits. These ads can connect with their inventory levels to display different ads based on what vehicles they currently have. This technique keeps your message current and reduces customer frustration when vehicle stock moves rapidly by not advertising vehicles you no longer have in the lot.
Dynamic ads save time and money. When marketers rely on ad automation based on inventory, they no longer need to adjust the ads to reflect current availability manually. They can then concentrate on more value-added tasks without worrying about forgetting this task. One of the keys to maintaining auto dealership campaign efficacy is adjusting ad frequency as needed during periods of high inventory.

Maintain or Expand Your Customer Base with a Blend of Radio and Digital Ads

Auto dealerships have a unique challenge regarding advertising in this pandemic recovery era. While people have been eager to return to a more normal life, the supply chain hasn’t been able to keep up. Though consumers are ready and able to purchase, stock availability has been unpredictable. It is a situation that has left many marketers unsure of the right ad strategy.
Many are unsure of what message to relate when they don’t have predictable delivery dates. Others are unsure what is the best medium for their ads. Some marketers are left wondering whether they should stop ads entirely until they get new stock. It can be unsettling, but there is a way to maintain demand even when inventory is low.
The best strategy is to set up your campaign to increase awareness and interest using a blend of audio and digital to attract customers and keep them engaged with your dealership. Radio ads can deliver different messages that lead up to the expected arrival date. Dynamic digital ads can be tied to inventory, giving customers an up-to-the-minute representation of what they can expect when they visit your dealership. A media partner can help you find the ideal balance of radio and digital ads to increase demand.

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