Recruitment Advertising: How to Stand Out

Recruitment Advertising: How to Stand Out

Companies rely on top talent to thrive and grow. If you have doubts about the validity of that statement, think about how many times you chose to skip working with a particular company because of their reputation for terrible customer service or how many times you returned to a store where you had a bad experience. Your staff represents your brand, and your customers will let you know how they are doing. If they underperform, so do you.  

Finding workers is a challenge, but you can build a qualified, lasting team to grow your business by shaping your outward presentation. It’s all about reaching suitable candidates and making a compelling value proposition. One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to do that is by leveraging the power of radio for your recruiting advertising.   

You can create ads that will attract and entice new employees to apply by using radio’s strengths to highlight the best job elements. Recruitment ads also help you stand out to consumers and provide insight into how your business operates and what culture you uphold. In addition to the benefit of finding top talent, recruitment ads increase brand awareness and show consumers that you value your workers. 

Determine Your Ideal Candidates 

Similar to targeting your customers, you can also target candidates by demographics like education, experience, personality, and more. You can achieve this by shaping your message so that it appeals to your target candidate group. The key to gaining access to the currently elusive talent pool is making sure your scope isn’t textbook but includes those with qualifications you can leverage—plan to target already employed people by enticing them with offers that are a better fit. 

Radio is particularly good at reaching those who are already employed. Many employees listen to the radio at work or during commutes, which is why the morning and evening drive times have high listenership. Not only do 90% of commuters listen to the radio on their way to or from work, but 40% of all radio listening can be attributed to the weekday morning 6-10 a.m. daypart or weekday 3-7 p.m. evening daypart. 

Make a Concise, Interesting Ad 

You don’t have to have a long, wordy message to attract qualified talent. Your ad should be concise but intriguing, or savvy candidates will interpret a barrage of words as camouflage for ugly truths that make the job hard to fill. Make sure you prepare for an effective recruiting ad campaign’s results since failing to ensure that your website is ready for more traffic could mean losing momentum and candidates.  

Your recruitment ads must stand out to break from your competitors. The way to craft an enticing recruitment ad is to incorporate the following: 

  • Feature positive qualities of your workplace, such as remote work, flexible schedules, generous leave, or other perks.  
  • Focus only on one open position per ad and make it compelling for that particular target candidate.  
  • Leave no room for doubt about the next steps with a clear call-to-action repeated for memorability. 
  • Make your ad unique and energized to stand out from the crowd.  

Mix and Match Your Advertising 

Achieve your goals by leveraging multiple platforms. Pair your radio messages with online digital ads for a more significant impact. Combining the two allows you to reiterate your message in the various places your candidates spend their time, reminding them of the opportunity. Local radio can spread broad awareness, and hyper-targeted digital ads can get potential employees to follow through and complete the application process.  

OTT ads on streaming platforms or podcasts are also excellent ways to extend your reach. Podcasts are highly accessible on any internet-enabled device. They essentially extend the life and reach of your message in that the listener can focus on them when they are more engaged, whether that is later in the day, at night, or later in the week. Since podcasts distribute across geographical areas, you can extend the efficacy of your recruitment efforts by accessing candidates outside of your local broadcast area. 

Attract the Ideal Candidates by Using Compelling Messages on the Right Platforms 

You never know where you will find your perfect candidate. They could be right in your proverbial backyard, or they may be across the country waiting on the opportunity for a change. The key to attracting highly qualified applicants from your target group is by crafting enticing messages delivered through the most effective platforms for an expanded reach. Using multiple, complementary mediums, such as local radio and digital ads, lets you find potential applicants outside of geographical or time constraints while reminding them to follow up on a limited opportunity.  

While making a captivating radio ad may seem daunting, it can result in unparalleled ROI. Your employees are a critical predictor of your success. They can be the difference between a disgruntled customer that discredits your company with poor reviews and one that becomes a brand ambassador. You aren’t the only one looking for these valuable resources, so it is critical to make an irresistible value proposition that sets your business apart from the others.  

The way to come out on top of a highly competitive landscape is to have a strategy that includes the optimal combination of messages, platforms, and frequency. While radio is an excellent way to reach a loyal listening audience, combining it with social media provides insight into the employee experience. Hiring a team that works to design an engaging campaign that combines these techniques is the key to building your ideal workforce.  

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