Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

This Valentine’s Day, spread the love by participating in the SHE Cards for Kids initiative. SHE 100.3 is partnering with the local community to send cards to the children at La Rabida Children’s Hospital. 

Want to get involved? You can spread a little love and cheer by creating handmade valentines to send to children who have to spend their Valentine’s Day in the hospital. With many people spending more time at home this year, this initiative is a great way to connect with your community, give back, and put smiles on kids’ faces. 

Step One: Gather Up Your Card-Making Supplies

Your imagination is the limit! Go wild with glitter, have fun with pop-out designs, or put together a stunning card filled with lace, ribbons, and more. Get a little punny with short one-liners, be a little silly, or just put in the effort to design a beautiful valentine. 

Step Two: Create Your Card

Get your own kids involved or put together the card based on your own imaginings. Let kids in the hospital know that they’re loved, appreciated, and being thought of this Valentine’s Day. Spread a message of hope and cheer while expressing your crafty side. 

Step Three: Mail It In

You can send your card to SHE 100.3, addressed to the SHE Cards for Kids Initiative. We’ll put all of the cards together, then distribute them to kids at the La Rabida Children’s Hospital. 

SHE Cards for Kids is a great way to show your love and compassion for kids who aren’t able to leave the hospital to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their families and friends this year. You can create as many cards as you can imagine! Make it part of a classroom project, get the kids involved, or give yourself a reason to get crafty as you let your imagination run free.

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