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2021 Marketing Campaign Do’s and Don’t’s

June 9, 2021
2021 Marketing Campaign Do's and Don't's

2020 was a year that we never expected. When the world suddenly shut down, it took businesses by surprise, causing them to pivot unexpectedly to quickly learn what did and didn’t work in their new reality. As the pandemic ends and the world opens back up, many pandemic-era trends will remain for the foreseeable future. Here…

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The Basics Behind any Marketing Strategy

June 4, 2021
Basics Behind any Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is a complicated process, made even more difficult if you don’t have sufficient experience. Increasing your profits depends upon devising an effective campaign strategy that connects with your target audience in a way that spurs them into action. Whether you are new to marketing or a seasoned professional,…

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Can Radio Positively Impact Lead Generation?

May 31, 2021
radio lead generation

Lead generation is one of the core goals of advertising because all customers start out as leads or prospects. Focusing on lead generation attracts interest in your product or service so you can convert those leads or prospects into a customer. Examples of different types of lead generation include white…

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7 Car Marketing Ideas To Maintain Brand Awareness During Shortages

May 27, 2021
car marketing ideas

Nowadays, 92% of car buyers start their searches online, but sales themselves rely more on bringing people into the dealership. Having a solid marketing plan can make a huge difference in improving your visibility and attracting more people to your dealership. After all, the car industry is saturated with competition…

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Social Media Management 101 for Small Businesses

May 26, 2021
Social Media Management 101 for Small Businesses

Social media represents many things to many people. It entertains, educates, and informs. What can’t be overlooked is that it is a powerful marketing tool, particularly for businesses on a small budget. Shares, brand mentions, and influencer endorsements can take a new product or small business from relative obscurity to…

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Preparing your Marketing Strategies with Less Pandemic Restrictions

May 17, 2021
Marketing Strategies with Less Pandemic Restrictions

Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel signaling the end of the pandemic. Though we won’t necessarily return to pre-COVID norms, marketers do need to keep lessening restrictions in mind in their marketing efforts. If you aren’t sure what that means, you aren’t alone. We’ve put…

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