How Audio Ads are Perfect for Reaching Busy Consumers

Audio remains a popular medium due to its flexibility and versatility. It reaches customers no matter where they are or what they are doing. It is the soundtrack of our lives, whether working, celebrating, exercising, or relaxing. 

More people than ever are tuning into their preferred audio news or entertainment online than ever before. 75% of people 12 and over in the United States have listened to online audio in the past month, while 70% have done so during the preceding week. With the ease of accessing virtually any type of content online and the convenience of doing it from work, home, the beach, or anywhere else, it is easy to see why advertisers continue leveraging audio and digital to reach their target audiences quickly and effectively. 

Audio Reaches Customers at Their Convenience

As the statistics show, most Americans get their audio experience on demand. However, they also encounter audio passively. Many stores, restaurants, gyms, and other public spaces play radio or streaming channels for their guests. It is a non-intrusive medium that doesn’t interrupt or distract listeners from their other tasks.

Your customers will still hear your messages even when the audio content is playing in the background. How often have you been in a store and said or overheard someone else say, “Oh, that’s my favorite song” or “Did you hear what they just said about…?” Whether they are completely tuned in or experiencing it passively, your ads can still resonate.  

Taps into a Constantly Connected Mobile World

The advent of digital audio has only increased the versatility of audio. It reaches customers as they stream music or listen to podcasts. As of 2023, there are 464.7 million global podcast listeners. As of Q2 2022, there were 616.2 million people around the world who subscribed to streaming services. 

That is a massive number of people who could be waiting to hear about you. Audience targeting is the key to reaching your unique customer pool. Knowing who you want to impact helps you pick the right streaming channels and podcasts where your customers will be engaged and interested in what you offer. 

Repetition Helps Reinforce Messaging

Sponsorship marketing is a fantastic way to reach your customers. When you have the correct demographic data, you can anticipate your customers’ listening preferences to hone in on the programming most likely to resonate with them. The structure of public radio sponsorship messaging is also very helpful in reminding your customers about the value of your brand. 

Even when busy customers can’t always pay attention to what they’re listening to, the reinforced messaging built into sponsorships helps present ads multiple times to increase the chances they hear it. The good news is that listeners view sponsorship messages differently than other ads, so they don’t become jaded or tune out repeated ads. Because loyal fans consider sponsors benefactors that enable their favorite programming, they stay engaged and attentive during the sponsor messages. 

Reaches Customers with Heightened Emotional Impact

Audio captures attention and evokes emotion so that when customers listen, it has additional recall and staying power to encourage action. To illustrate, think of what happens when you hear a song while driving down the road that recalls a fun or pivotal moment in your life. If it is a good memory, like perhaps the summer anthem you and your friends loved in high school, you’ll likely listen to every word and sing at the top of your lungs while reliving those times. Other songs, like a love song, for instance, can bring you to tears when you remember a breakup or even a tender moment like the first dance at your wedding. 

The same emotional impact can happen with radio shows and the influential people that host them. Listeners trust their favorite radio or podcast personalities. That means they are more likely to take action on the audio influencer’s recommendations. Because loyal listeners relate to these personalities, they view the opinions of the show hosts similarly to those of close friends or family. 

Reaching Your Ideal Customer Made Easy with Audio

In a crowded market, you need to cut through the noise to stand out from the competition. But how? An experienced media partner can help.

There are numerous options for where to place your ads, and understanding all that is necessary to help make your messages resonate more effectively can be overwhelming for most people who aren’t marketing professionals. When you want to reach your customers quickly, the time and expense of trial and error with new tools and technologies don’t make sense. Choosing a media partner gives you peace of mind, enhanced return on investment, and lets you concentrate on your core competency while your customers discover more about why they need what you offer.

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