Make Your Ads Reach Further by Combining Audio and Digital

Small business owners or those new to purchasing ads may wonder whether they should concentrate on either audio or digital ads. They are both highly effective with a variety of ways to do each without stretching your budget. However, the answer is simple. Don’t limit yourself.
In a world where people use a computer or phone most of the time, digital is a vital medium for reaching a large audience of your target customers. If you want to connect with a loyal and engaged local audience, audio is a cost-effective and highly impactful way to deliver your message. Audio and digital ads work together for greater effect, producing better results when used in conjunction. 

How Audio and Digital Work Together

Audio ads are more than pre-recorded radio spots and include live reads by beloved and heavily followed hosts or simple sponsorship messaging. Audio is so impactful because it is delivered more intimately as listeners are often alone in a car or listening on headphones or earbuds. Audio ads can do double duty, increasing their efficacy and extending your marketing spend when used on the radio and with podcasts. 
Digital ads include display ads and search engine marketing. SEM, such as paid search marketing, helps brands appear more prominently on search engine results pages. Using different tactics is critical, as each reaches audiences at different moments of focus. This strategy increases your online visibility by having your content rank higher than it would organically. 

Make Your Ads Stand Out with Different Mediums

Audio ads help digital ads stand out and increase brand visibility and credibility. When the customer sees and hears your business mentioned multiple times in different ways, it drives home the idea that your brand is one to take seriously. If your business opened recently or the customer recently found it, encountering your ads on different platforms will make them curious to find out more by visiting your site.
It is essential to consider how your messages will play to your audience. Your style and content should stay cohesive across platforms, making your brand easily recognizable. Consistent messaging reinforces your value proposition and increases your brand credibility. It is also a smart financial strategy as it stretches your marketing budget further while driving lead conversion, resulting in a greater return on ad spend (ROAS).

Get Ahead with Digital Audio

Digital audio is sound produced in a form that can be transmitted and stored on a computer. You may have heard the term analog for older audio technology, which had limited dynamic range without distortion and used tape or vinyl. As technology advanced, sound was produced, stored, and transmitted digitally with a larger range and better clarity.
Digital audio is everywhere, even in video games. You can listen to digital audio by desktop, headphones, or smart speakers through a variety of mediums, including:
• Live-streaming radio stations, talk programs, or interviews
• Downloaded albums, songs, or podcasts.
• On-demand radio, music, talk shows, podcasts, voiceovers, or audio clips.
Digital audio places your ads on streaming services or podcasts and serves them up based on listener behavior and when they are active on the platform. Digital audio offers many benefits, including using the same audio ads for radio or streaming with access to analytics to measure key performance indicators. An often overlooked benefit of digital audio is that it is one of the last advertising formats that aren’t affected by ad blocking.

Update Ads Based on Analytics

Analytics is a vital component of your marketing efforts. They are the measures that provide insight into your ad performance. Without analytics, you would have no way of knowing which ads or platforms drove the most traffic to your site. Nor would you be able to see the impacts of changes to your ads immediately. 
Each time you start an ad campaign, you have a goal for what you want to achieve. You set your key performance indicators so that you can track your progress toward those goals. When you use analytics, it gives you the information you need to make changes if you see that you aren’t tracking toward those KPIs and allows you to see the effects of your changes almost immediately.

Combine Audio and Digital for Greater Impact

Audio and digital are highly effective and flexible ways to stretch your marketing dollars further. They create an improved effect when combined, delivering more value than either individually. Because you can reuse ad copy for audio and digital ads, it helps decrease your overall ad spend. However, the real value is that audio and digital combined drive customer behavior, resulting in greater lead conversion and a more significant return on ad spend.

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