Penny Mustard Furnishings Sees Year over Year Growth with Radio

Chicago Radio Roadblock

Radio remains an effective and powerful advertising medium! Over 40 Chicago radio stations, including Hubbard Chicago, are committed to collectively promoting the power of radio.

We do it by all playing the same radio success story at the same exact time – effectively setting up an audio “road block” to reach hundreds of thousands of Chicago radio listeners. These success “roadblocks” are part of an ongoing initiative by the Radio Broadcasters of Chicagoland (RBC) to share how Chicago advertisers are using radio to get results.

Recently, all 40 stations simultaneously aired a 60-second interview with Arvid Huth, President of Penny Mustard Furnishings, detailing how radio advertising
has proven effective for his furniture chain.

“We know radio advertising works because our sales year over year keep increasing, people recognize the brand, and people respond to our ads.”

Huth also highlighted how radio helps listeners imagine their furniture in a way that visual media, like TV, can’t achieve.

“Radio is theatre of the mind. When consumers hear our ad, in their mind they see our furniture, and I think they see it in a better way than if I even showed it on TV.”

>> Listen to the full interview here.

More Chicago advertisers like Penny Mustard Furnishings are realizing that radio advertising works for their business. You can also check out previous “roadblocks” featuring:

Learn how you can leverage of the power of radio, or contact us if you’re ready to talk about your radio advertising needs.


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