Recruitment Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Recruitment Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. As the business grows and expands with promotions and new positions opening, you’ll need new employees. That isn’t always as easy as posting a job ad online or with a recruiter. It takes a lot of effort, all while managers juggle other responsibilities.  

Recruitment campaigns can help your hiring effort while promoting your brand. While it is meant to help reach future candidates, they are also an investment in your brand, as they give customers a glimpse into your business functions. Letting people see behind-the-scenes can help build trust with your organization, showing that your outward presentation and inward presentation match with each other.  

Radio is one of the most compelling mediums for these campaigns due to its extensive reach, loyal listening audience, and outstanding ROI. Radio ads for recruitment allow you to position your business where it stands out from the crowd. Attracting the most qualified candidates while highlighting why your company is the one to work for requires awareness of the best practices to follow and which techniques to avoid.  

Target Those with Jobs, Not Without 

As a best practice, focus your recruitment efforts on luring top performers away from their current position. Those who are already working have the most recent experience in the workforce. Many have the specific skills you seek and may be looking for advancement or to work for a company that can provide more opportunities. During the pandemic, a record number of people searched for a company that they felt would align more with their values or goals.  

From May through September 2021, an astounding 20.2 million employees left their jobs voluntarily. What is even more telling about the desire for change is that this shift was amid devastating non-voluntary job losses. Radio reaches people in the workforce, whether on their morning and evening commute, during the workday, or in their downtime. 75% of people listen to the radio at least once per week while working from home.  

Don’t Make Ads on a Crowded Platform 

One of the mistakes to avoid with your recruitment campaign is placing ads on a crowded medium. Job boards are very popular with both jobseekers and employers. However, there are too many postings with too much competing information. That makes it difficult to highlight your most compelling points or demonstrate your company’s personality.  

Local radio provides many benefits. Most importantly, your audience is more engaged and listens more intently. There is more variety on the platform, meaning it isn’t a crowded platform for recruitment ads. That makes radio more suited to getting both your posting and your company focused on listeners.  

Appeal to Personality Traits, Not Skill Lists 

A common practice of managers and recruiters everywhere is focusing only on candidates’ skills. However, job skills are far from the only qualities that make an ideal employee. Instead, employers should look at the personality traits of the potential hire. A crucial element of an effective worker is personality traits like a strong work ethic and moral compass, as you cannot train someone to have these valuable qualities. Develop your radio ads by appealing to the personality who will fit well within your company.  

Make a Concise Call-To-Action 

Marketers understand the value of a compelling call to action. They are a vital component of any ad where you want a specific result, whether you are selling a product, service, or job. The purpose of the call to action is to invoke an immediate response. That is also important for employers with a position that needs filling as soon as possible.  

Your recruitment ad should present a clear next step for people to follow to apply for your position. That may be directing them to your site or to a separate job board where they can get more details. It is critical to have a clear, concise call to action that is repeated throughout the ad to make it memorable. The last thing you want to happen is for a qualified candidate to see your posting and not know how to follow through with applying for it. 

Be Prepared to Sort Applications  

Now that you’ve created a compelling, effective recruitment campaign, get ready for the next steps. Prepare yourself and your staff for the influx of candidates your radio ads for your open position will prompt. Make sure you do housekeeping on your website so it not only looks professional but can handle the extra bandwidth. You’ll also need to have adequate staff available to review applications and help vet candidates.  

Candidates expect you to respond swiftly and clearly to their outreach, and if they’re at all put off by your communication, they will likely not follow up themselves. Ensuring you have the proper internal systems to provide an excellent recruiting experience brings in new talent while establishing your company as a stable, well-organized business. Focusing on planning the onboarding package and strategy they will be using once they start will give them something to do immediately and get them productive swiftly. 

Think Strategically When Planning Your Recruitment Campaign 

In a highly competitive marketplace, finding qualified candidates for your open positions requires much more than simply listing a canned job description and passively waiting for applicants who need a job. Today’s job market requires creating a compelling value proposition targeted toward currently employed candidates. The most effective way to avoid overly crowded platforms is by using mediums like local radio with loyal listeners who will notice your job ad and take note of your company.  

Don’t forget to give job seekers a reason to want to learn about your company. Position your brand as an employer with a desirable company culture and follow that up by focusing on candidates who have the skills you seek and will be an excellent cultural fit by appealing to specific character traits. Finally, provide a clear, concise call to action so that your ideal future employee knows what steps to take to submit their application. When you are ready to create a highly successful recruitment campaign, work with an experienced media partner.  


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