Why Combine Radio and Digital?

Why Combine Radio and Digital?

Long before streaming was even a concept, radio was the trusted friend who was always there with our favorite music, favorite radio DJs, and news of businesses and happenings around us. Even now that streaming is commonplace, over 244.5 million adults in the US still tune in to the radio every month. In fact, when comparing the reach of various platforms, radio comes out on top at 92% over television, PC, smartphone, and tablets.

At the same time, digital media is a force not to be ignored. Both digital and radio are very effective in their own right. However, when you combine the capabilities of digital with the undeniable reach of radio, you unlock the true power of each. Pairing digital media and radio advertising is a winning combination that can extend your reach further than either marketing channel on its own.

The Synergy of Combining Radio and Digital

You can realize many benefits from adding radio to your digital marketing strategy.

Maximize Reach

When you advertise on the radio, you are reaching 93% of adults every week. When you add the influence and communication radius of radio to other high reach marketing platforms, your message has the power to connect to new audiences and the ability to communicate with your potential customers in complementary ways. While some adults spend more time online, others may spend more listening to the radio. Advertising on both channels allows you to communicate in ways that are relevant to different groups, maximizing your impact.

Radio Pairs Well with Digital

For those who prefer an online listening experience, podcasts can deliver some of the same benefits as live radio, including on-air personalities. However, despite the similarities, the two mediums are effective in different ways. Podcasts can reach niche audiences that initially were reached via radio. For instance, Behind the Song by Janda Lane gives listeners a deeper dive into the lyrics of songs played earlier on the radio.

Often, niche audiences whose interests were piqued by a podcast may tune into live radio to listen to the content they missed. An example is Eric in The Morning with Melissa and Whip, who gives listeners the opportunity to listen to an abridged version of the live show, including the sponsored ads.

Radio Naturally Supplements Digital

By leveraging popular radio shows and layering your message on multiple avenues, your sponsored ads repeatedly reach both radio listeners and podcast audiences. Radio and podcast spots frequently drive web traffic to your site, where you can further personalize your message. That listener loyalty can mean a higher likelihood of consumers taking action on your sponsored ads, increasing your ROI.

Seeing the benefits of your radio advertising is easy when you partner with the right station to craft your marketing strategy. Some of the signs your radio investment is working include:

  • Increased sales
  • More traffic on your website
  • New sales leads
  • Increased social media engagement

How do you know for sure the digital traffic is due to your spot? You have the opportunity to create specific URLs for your targeted ads that redirect to your website. That allows you to track precisely how visitors were directed to your site. Even if your traffic is from an organic search of your company name, it is easy to see how much of that search traffic occurs around the time of your sponsored ad as compared to the average.

The Omnichannel Advantage

An omnichannel strategy is like a skillfully crafted and executed symphony. The parts are complementary, each highlighting or harmonizing with each other with no two exactly the same. The culmination is an experience more impactful and memorable than any of its parts alone. By coordinating multiple outlets for your marketing, you not only increase your reach but strengthen and reinforce your message without redundancy. Your target audience will realize that you must be a business to take note of when they hear your name mentioned “everywhere.”

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy With the Power of Radio and Digital

Far from being a channel whose time has come and gone, radio still has a massive reach. Using radio as part of your marketing plan allows you the chance to capture the attention of audiences who may not spend as much time on the internet as others. On the other hand, it provides a way to complement the message they may see on digital media by hearing it from their favorite radio or podcast personalities.

The true test of the efficacy of your marketing efforts is reflected in ROI. When you pair radio with digital, you can expect to realize up to $12 for every $1 spent. Radio is a cost-effective method to increase your reach, market share, and return on investment for your advertising dollars. Hubbard Chicago is the choice of businesses everywhere who want to build their brand, reach new audiences, and grow their influence. For more information on how we can help you design the optimal omnichannel marketing campaign for your business, contact us today.

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