9 Questions Business Owners Should Ask Their Media Rep

Are you wondering if your media rep (or a potential media rep) is a good fit, provides good service, and can help grow your marketing? Then you’re on the right path to success! Why? Because the right media rep will maximize your advertising potential with innovation, experience with success, understanding of your target audience, expert access, integrated marketing, and optimal budget use.
And the best way to determine if you’re working with the right media rep is to ask the right questions and listen to the answers you get. Media reps can help your business grow by handling your marketing, but you must ensure a good relationship with them to grow your business properly.
Here’s what to look for in a media rep and at least nine questions you should ask before determining whether they’re a good fit for you.

What to Look for in a Media Rep

Every business is different and, therefore, requires a different type of media rep. When looking for a media rep, you’ll want to ensure that their strategies suit your business goals and preferences and that their successful experiences are relevant to your industry and the marketing goals you hope to achieve.
That said, media reps work best when they are in a partnership. Note that the key characteristics to look for are that they’re:
•Can show results with other companies
•Shares the same values as you

Questions to Ask Your Media Rep

Before you get blinded or side-tracked by the low-price tag or their speech about what they can do for you, there are some fundamental questions to consider first. To help you determine the right fit, here is a list of questions to ask your media rep, insight into why the question is essential, and your preferred answer.

1. What’s the Quality of Your Channels?

The quality of your media rep’s channels is one of the first questions you should ask since it sets the stage for what results you expect from them. If you’re already familiar with their channels and know they’re high quality, you may already have the answer, but it’s still beneficial to hear what they say about it. After all, partnering with them on their channels will align your reputation with theirs — and you’re not going to want to sacrifice your public perception after working so hard to develop it.
A preferred answer will include the quality of the channel as it pertains to your industry and business specifically (not just in general), with evidence of channel results among relevant clients. You want to know that their channels are healthy and consist of relevant audiences with sustainable presences.

2. How Long Have Your Channels Been Active?

Most channels take time to build authority, popularity, and a positive reputation. Before branding your business on the channel, you’ll want to be sure that it has been active long enough to have proof of results and the capability to align you with that long-time credibility and reputation.
A preferred answer for this question would be specific and honest. It would also include how an ad’s length of active time on a given channel will benefit your business and goals. You want them to help you learn about your marketing efforts while having them demonstrate their expertise.

3. Which Audiences Do You Target?

The audience your media rep’s channels target is potentially the most critical question to ask. Their channel’s target audience MUST be your target audience for you to benefit. If they’re not the right audience, they won’t help your business grow.
You’ll want your media rep’s preferred answer to include as many specifics about their audience as possible so you can adequately consider if they’re the right fit for you. How well they work and their other expertise will only go so far if they cannot reach the people who make up your customer base.

4. How Many People Do You Reach?

This question is crucial because you’ll want to consider how vast an audience they can reach. Will the agency be able to connect you with a bigger, broader — and yet, still relevant — audience so your business can grow and your brand can gain visibility?
The preferred answer should match your expectations for reach or provide information about how you can achieve it. If your goal is to expand your reach in the industry and boost brand awareness, you will need an answer that fits your needs and provides evidence of those capabilities. It’s also crucial for them to be knowledgeable about the industry, so they can guide you if your expectations are off-base. A partner who treats you with respect and can help you understand your efforts is incredibly important. They can help you grow and increase your marketing efforts as your business expands.

5. How Do You Distribute Your Ads?

Where your media rep is distributing your ads will play a substantial part in its success. Is it somewhere your target audience is most likely to see it? Will it stand out and successfully reach your target audience?
Preferred answers will include all their distribution options — radio, social media, display, email, etc. — and why/how those methods will benefit your business and get your ads in front of the right audience at the right time. As always, they should have the evidence to back their answers.

6. Where Will the Ads Appear?

Believe it or not, ad placement is often considered just as important as the ad itself. After all, if you’re trying to reach a Chicago audience, you’re not going to want your ad to appear on, for example, a radio station broadcasted outside Illinois. A local voice in Chicago will help your ads go furthest.
A preferred answer places ads designed for the audience you want to reach and places them where they’re most active. That ensures they will see your ads and that your ads will resonate with them.

7. Who Creates the Ad?

Although most media reps will answer that they can provide ad creation, it’s not the case for every rep. If they say they do not, consider asking your media rep for a spec sheet to consider what ads would and would not run on their channels. This way, you can determine if this is the route you want to go.

8. What Other Services and Options Do You Offer?

The more, the better. You want to ensure access to all your advertising options with the right media rep. Although the service offered at the time may be worth considering, you should look into other services and options for several reasons. You may find that:
1. Your business grows down the road and requires a new or additional approach to advertising
2. Another service fits your advertising needs and goals better
Remember that this partnership succeeds if it helps your business find success. The right media rep will be more than happy to discuss all your options with you.

9. How Do You Track the Results?

Never be afraid to ask how your media rep tracks results. The only way your brand will be able to optimize and improve your marketing strategy continuously is through monitoring results and making adjustments when necessary. The right media partner will have the answer on hand with reasons/data on why they implement this tracking strategy.

Your Media Rep Should Have Great Answers and Evidence to These Questions

The answers you receive from a potential media rep will likely vary from rep to rep. However, the responses you receive for every question will matter as they should be able to provide great answers to these questions and evidence to support them. Never be hesitant to ask for more information, explanation, or examples. Your business is one of your most significant assets, so you should feel completely confident that the media rep you choose to work with will be the one to get you where you want to be.
If you want to learn more, check out the 7 Questions Media Sales Reps Should Ask Their Prospects to determine if your media rep is best for you.

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