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The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service for Marketing ROI

July 7, 2017

Marketing can take your business only so far. The customer experience is an extension of your brand, and a fundamental element of customer experience is the customer service experience. Expectations for customer service are higher than ever, and it can make or break your marketing ROI. Consider these sobering statistics…

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3 Ways to Grow Your Online Presence with Radio Advertising

June 30, 2017

Most of us can’t argue the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy that reaches across different devices and platforms. Cross-channel marketing is critical to almost every type of business in today’s world. Like many other marketers, driving traffic and leads through your website might be one of your primary…

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How to Calculate Lead Value (and Build a Better Marketing Budget)

June 29, 2017

An important goal in most marketing is to generate leads of some kind. Depending on your business, your industry, and your product, leads could look different. A “lead” could be defined as someone who fills out a form on your website, someone that walks into a store during your semi-annual…

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3 Things Clickable Display Ads Have in Common

June 21, 2017

For companies seeking to build brand recognition, display ads offer an affordable way to reach your target audience. In 2016, companies spent an estimated $3 billion more on display ads than on search ads, according to a study by PowerTraffick. And another study by eMarketer suggests banner ad spend is…

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When You Sponsor Events, Remember to Think Outside the Booth

June 20, 2017

Choosing to sponsor live events can be an incredibly effective marketing tactic. It gives your brand a human face, closely associates you with the positivity of that event, and can even align your brand with important causes. The most common type of sponsorship that you might be used to seeing…

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Why Too Much Input Typically Leads to Marketing Creative Gone Bad

June 15, 2017

When many businesses get to the stage of developing their marketing creative, it’s common to start pulling in a variety of team members during the process so that they can get a mix of input and opinions. There are people on your leadership team, marketing team, and maybe even sales…

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