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Don’t Let Your Marketing Creative Run Away With Your ROI

September 7, 2017

Have you ever seen a television commercial that you found really entertaining, but when you told someone about it later you couldn’t remember what brand or product the ad was promoting? Developing a clever marketing campaign with an original message, eye-catching imagery, and perhaps a healthy dose of humor is…

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When Should You Be Planning Your 2018 Marketing?

September 5, 2017

At this point in the year, you’re likely fully immersed in your 2017 marketing program, analyzing what’s working, making adjustments for what’s not working, tracking progress toward your goals, and juggling resources to ensure all your bases are covered. But it’s coming time to add one more thing to the…

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5 Tips from the Radio Experts at Hubbard Chicago

August 31, 2017

When you’re developing a radio advertising plan, there are a lot of moving parts. Some of the most important decisions involve choosing the right radio station, planning the right schedule and frequency to reach your audience, and knowing what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments and improve…

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5 Reasons It’s Great to Be a Chicago Business Owner

August 30, 2017

Chicago is known for many things. There’s Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs, for starters, and while you’re enjoying the food, you can listen to Chicago blues, jazz, or soul. Chicago’s sports fans are the most loyal anywhere, and there’s no mistaking Cloud Gate, better known as “The Bean” at Millennium…

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Are You Tracking Your Marketing ROI?

August 24, 2017

Tracking marketing ROI can be challenging, but it’s a vital element of your company’s financial success. To understand what’s working in your marketing strategy—and what’s not—you need to start by setting goals and knowing what’s important to measure, then consistently track your progress toward meeting those goals. In today’s post,…

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Part II: Radio Drives Real Results for Chicago Advertisers (VIDEO)

August 22, 2017

Broadcasters in Chicago, including Hubbard Chicago, have come together to highlight some of the top businesses in Chicago and their stories of how they’ve used radio effectively. 

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