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How Sound Effects Make All the Difference with Audio

March 1, 2023

Imagine listening to your favorite music. At the end of the song, an ad starts. You hear it but may not give it your full attention unless it is something of particular interest to you. Suddenly, that ad stops. There is silence. Then footsteps slowly advance while ominous music plays…

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How to Set Your Business Up for Success Ahead of a Possible Recession

February 27, 2023

As rumblings about a possible recession continue almost daily, economic doubt and uncertainty weigh hard on business owners. They worry about staying profitable, affording inventory, and keeping their staff employed. Yet, they have to keep serving their customers. Business owners don’t have to wait for the proverbial sky to fall.…

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Make Your Ads Reach Further by Combining Audio and Digital

February 22, 2023

Small business owners or those new to purchasing ads may wonder whether they should concentrate on either audio or digital ads. They are both highly effective with a variety of ways to do each without stretching your budget. However, the answer is simple. Don’t limit yourself. In a world where…

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How Businesses Can Prosper Despite Challenging Economic Times

February 15, 2023

  Economic downturns are an inevitable occurrence. Though a potential recession presents challenges for businesses, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for their outlook. Just as preparing a home for a storm keeps it safe, proper planning helps companies weather stormy economic times. With adequate preparation, businesses can not only…

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How to Make Audio Ads on Any Budget

February 2, 2023

More people are listening to streaming music and podcasts every day. In the U.S., podcast listeners will likely reach 124.5 million this year. That statistic alone illustrates that audio marketing is more important than ever. Your target customer will hear your audio message when and where they are most attentive.…

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Audio is a Big Part of Consumers’ Lives – How to Reach Them at Key Moments

February 1, 2023

In the world of advertising, the old adage holds true: “Timing is everything.” For your ads to be effective, they must reach your audience members at crucial moments in their buyer’s journey, such as when they first realize there is a problem they need to solve or when they’re actively…

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