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Marketing Strategy for Chicago Businesses

September 22, 2021
Marketing Strategies

Chicago is one of the US’s main metropolitan areas, and its size and culture present many opportunities for businesses. As business owners worldwide know, the past eighteen months have had challenges most of us have never faced. And it’s not over, as the upcoming years face uncertainty, as well. However, it’s a…

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4 Examples of Crowd Marketing

September 15, 2021
crowd marketing

Crowd marketing connects brand representatives with vast numbers of potential users of your product or service in places they regularly visit to drive further action. Though a relatively new term, the concept isn’t new at all. In fact, you’ve been experiencing it for years. Consider a longtime favorite, the always popular Girl Scout Cookies.  Besides the…

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How to Develop a Radio Marketing Plan

September 8, 2021
Radio Advertising

Radio is one of the most reliable forms of advertising. The first commercial radio broadcast was on KDKA and aired to the residents of Pittsburgh, PA in 1920. It was sponsored by Westinghouse, who had the idea when looking for ways to sell more radios. Long before the internet, radio and popular radio hosts…

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10 Don’ts of Customer Service

September 3, 2021
Customer Service

Customer service is what differentiates the gold-standard companies from the rest. Consumers hold businesses to the highest expectations for customer service. Excellent customer service experiences translate to a loyal customer base. However, poor or neutral experiences harm your business’s reputation and give your competitors an advantage.   Taking the time to design…

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Ways to Determine Your Advertising Budget

August 30, 2021
Advertising Budget

Advertising provides many benefits, whether it’s a small business, a new venture, or a large, established company. A challenge for many marketers from businesses of all sizes is calculating their marketing budget. Any ad campaign from radio to digital should be based on business performance and ROI. But, the question…

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How to Measure Digital Marketing

August 25, 2021
How to Measure Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to reach a variety of demographics. Advertising your business depends upon reaching your target audience, and digital marketing is a cost-effective way for small businesses to not only make consumers aware of your brand but to keep it top of mind. It allows your audience to experience…

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