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Sell Your Products by Selling Your Process

March 9, 2022
Selling Your Process

Gaining a loyal following is something that businesses everywhere work to attain. They recognize that it is crucial for business success. It requires implementing various techniques and strategies, such as investing in high-quality content and leveraging popular radio influencers to deliver your message to an engaged audience that trusts their…

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Why Radio’s Power is its Local Voice

March 2, 2022
Local Voice Power

Radio has an incredible reach. Roughly 98% of adults over age 18 listen to the radio, accessing a broader audience than television, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. What that represents for advertisers is tremendous purchasing potential. The station format allows advertisers to influence a vast number of highly targeted and niche…

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Diversify Your Marketing Portfolio with Digital Ads

February 23, 2022
Diversify with Digital Ads

Traditional advertising is growing for an excellent reason: It’s highly effective. The flyer you get in the mail that shows a modern kitchen, beautiful living room, or cozy bedroom makes you want to update your home. Seeing the end-of-year car commercials on television makes you think about taking advantage of…

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Are People Staying in or Going Out? How to Reach Customers Where They Are

February 17, 2022
Reaching Customers

The pandemic has become the unwanted guest that refuses to leave. It has seeped into all areas of our lives, making an indelible impression. The continuing changes have created ongoing challenges globally, impacting businesses in every industry. The cascading effects filter down to the customers.   As we witness the constant…

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The Tools of Brand Representation

February 15, 2022

Your brand is your most vital asset. It is the face of your business, heralding what the consumer can expect. Your brand is also a benchmark against which your competitors measure themselves. Every company aspires to have a recognizable, respected brand that inspires trust in the general public.   Successful brand…

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Tips for Advertising When Your Inventory Isn’t Here

February 9, 2022
Tips for Advertising When Your Inventory Isn't Here

Have you walked into a store or tried to order a product online lately, only to see that it is out of stock or backordered? Perhaps you’ve encountered a message about shipping delays. If so, you are in good company. Increasingly, inventory shortfalls are plaguing many businesses.   The knee-jerk reaction…

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