2060 Digital’s Online Advertising and Radio “Band” Together for Higher ROI

2060 Digital's Online Advertising and Radio "Band" Together for Higher ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of radio advertising remains high. Radio ad ROI remains as high as $12 in sales per ad dollar with a successful campaign. Returns can be even higher when combined with digital advertising techniques, and one of the best examples of this is the partnership between 2060 Digital and Hubbard Chicago.

Both companies have worked to give clients some of the best results from their advertising. By joining forces, they can combine their radio and digital advertising to drive toward even better results.

How Does 2060 Digital Raise Your ROI?

2060 Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides plenty of services to improve ROI.

The agency can optimize websites through development and web design services, along with content marketing. To improve search engine rankings, both organically and with ads, 2060 Digital also provides search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) services. Other services include social media marketing, reputation management, email marketing, blogging, mobile and display advertising, and YouTube video marketing. Each of these services can significantly increase ROI from your digital advertising efforts.

With 2060 Digital behind your business, you can benefit from a comprehensive custom digital marketing solution that addresses every aspect of your company’s online presence.

How Does Hubbard Chicago Raise Your ROI?

Hubbard Chicago can help you use radio advertising to boost ROI. Through the use of radio, you can connect with audiences in a way that other channels simply can’t. Many radio stations have loyal long-time listeners who trust the hosts who talk to them every day and the brands that the hosts endorse. People who listen to the radio may also neglect to spend as much time online, making radio endorsements more effective than digital advertising when targeting certain audiences.

With the help of Hubbard Chicago, you can enjoy the many benefits of radio endorsements. In addition to landing the best spots for your ads, Hubbard Chicago can help you produce the most effective ads that resonate with radio audiences. Once you’ve determined what you want to endorse, which radio station is best for that endorsement, and the messaging you want to use to connect with audiences, you can get the best results from your radio ads.

How Does Hubbard Chicago’s Partnership with 2060 Digital Raise ROI?

Although radio and digital advertising can improve ROI separately, it’s often best to use both together. One can complement the other in a complete advertising campaign that yields the best results and maximizes your brand’s reach.

While many people may hang out online, other audiences may spend more time listening to the radio on their commute to and from work. This means that relying on one or the other can be limiting when connecting with audiences and boosting ROI.

There are many ways you can use a combination of radio and digital advertising to raise ROI. For example, you could use a radio endorsement to increase brand awareness for your business. Using their own words, the radio host of a popular local station can promote your brand in a personalized endorsement, which goes a long way in building trust among those listeners. At the end of the endorsement, the host may encourage people to visit your website.

To build hype around your brand, you might post on social media about the radio endorsement, and the radio host may also post about your brand on their own social media channels. The people who visit your website from that radio endorsement may not purchase at that time, but with a retargeting campaign, they will see your digital ads on other websites that they browse. Eventually, these ads lead them back to your site when they decide to make a purchase.

Use a Combination of Digital and Radio Advertising to Drive Your Brand’s Success

Hubbard Chicago and 2060 Digital aim to harness the powers of both to get the best results from advertising campaigns. By appealing to both online and offline audiences, this partnership will help ensure that brands have the chance to take full advantage of multiple mediums. Combining digital and radio advertising can give you results that you may never be able to see when using either channel alone.

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