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Why Black Friday is More Than Just One Day

November 21, 2017

For 65 years, the day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Retailers have come to count on Black Friday to set the pace for holiday sales, and as competition for customers has increased, stores have begun to open earlier and earlier, with some…

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Giving Thanks: 5 Reasons Chicago Marketers Can Give Thanks This Year

November 20, 2017

2017 has given Chicago marketers and business owners alike plenty to be thankful for. With new tools and solutions designed to meet shifting consumer preferences and trends, marketing can now be more personal and more convenient than ever before—meaning it can be even more effective. In today’s post, we’ve collected…

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What Makes Hubbard Chicago Different? (VIDEO)

November 16, 2017

Oftentimes, what can make or break your radio advertising success is the partner you choose.  At Hubbard Chicago, our mission is to help Chicago business owners and marketers find the right solutions that help them improve their results and grow their business. Our experience has shown us that there are certain…

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Top 10 Marketing and Advertising Terms for 2018

November 15, 2017

As a business owner or marketer, you probably have a good handle on the language of marketing. But maybe you’re not fluent in digital advertising jargon or radio speak, or you’ve run into the occasional acronym that requires a Google search. We’ve all been there, especially as new digital platforms…

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Winter Marketing Tips to Prep Your Home Improvement Business for a Busy 2018

November 13, 2017

Holidays and colder months can mean some downtime for contractors and owners of home improvement businesses. But it’s the perfect time to work on your marketing plans to ensure that you’re busy throughout 2018. It’s always a best practice to keep your Chicago home improvement marketing going year-round, but here are…

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4 Big Reasons to Build Chicago Radio Into Your 2018 Budget

November 10, 2017

The new year is right around the corner. And that means Chicago business owners and marketers are in annual planning mode, or will be soon! If radio is not already part of your 2018 marketing budget, it should be. We’ve shared why radio works for small businesses—in today’s post, we…

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